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Social Responsibility

  • Active use of social media to promote business services and events in our area
  • Voluntary treasury work for a local sporting club
  • Voluntary work as a Delta Dog owner to provide pet therapy to the elderly and disabled together with pet awareness for primary school students
  • Ongoing commitment to sponsorship of local sporting events
  • Free events held for clients and peers to encourage networking and feedback
  • Referral of clients to other local service providers with specialised expertise
  • Support of a healthy life balance by offering staff flexible working hours to suit family commitments, further education and participation in sporting team events
  • Tolerance within the workplace for differences in abilities, race, beliefs, genders and religions
  • Purchase responsibly sourced and recycled items e.g. food product choices, paper products and reusable plastic items.
  • Security documents are shredded by a professional organisation that recycles the paper
  • Office staff recycle as much paper as possible within the office
  • Office staff utilise ‘on screen’ documents and ‘cloud technology’ instead of printing
  • Recycle printer cartridges
  • Office uses environmentally friendly light globes
  • Message on outgoing emails requests customers to consider environment before printing
  • Use of ‘log me in’ and ‘vpn’ to reduce vehicle use and therefore petrol usage
  • Staff requested to use recycle bins for disposal of their food wrappings and containers
  • Actively encourages suggestions from staff regarding health and safety issues
  • Purchases of equipment which is customised to suit individual employees to ensure their  work health and safety i.e. sit/stand desks
  • Segregation of duties within our business and active involvement of management for the safety of all workers
  • Signed privacy and confidentiality policy is a condition of employment of each employee
  • Products and procedures are recommended to our clients to ensure compliant work practices
  • Our business provides ‘Business Fitness Reports’ to our clients
  • We make recommendations for changes within our clients’ businesses to comply with current legislation and laws